With the help of FACES friends who have spearheaded their own fundraisers at home, you have helped raise an additional $300,000 for FACES this year!

If you are interested in organizing a fundraiser of your own, please email us here at FACES to set up a time to discuss your ideas and chat about the best fundraising plan. We will provide you with a custom website, and offer you guidance and support on creating a successful fundraiser. Do you already have a planned event? Do you own a business? We can also help advise on how to donate a portion of your proceeds back to FACES.

Throughout FACES' history, we have had the good fortune to receive much support from people like you. From triathlons to lemonade sales, mitzvah projects to dance parties, our supporters have found creative and rewarding ways to use their talents and ideas to help fund FACES. If you would like to raise money for FACES, read on below to learn how we can help promote your efforts.


Starting your own fundraiser is easy.

Simply introduce your event idea to us by submitting the following online form: 
Once we review your submission, we can create a customized website and donation page for you to share your story via our website with your supporters.
For more information or any questions, please contact the FACES office at 646.558.0900 or email