Our progress as an organization is overshadowed by the challenge that lies ahead: to control seizures in order to improve lives. Our goals are ambitious.

In the years ahead our plans include:

  • Build the first Institute for Translational Research in Epilepsy in an effort to bridge the gap between science, clinical trials, and patient care by focusing scientific research on projects like the Hybrid Neuroprosthesis, the Epilepsy Phenome Genome Project and the Epilepsy Clinical Trials Consortium which all can make a difference in the near future.
  • Create a Women’s Epilepsy Program to better care for and understand the unique challenges facing women with epilepsy such as reproductive health, pregnancy, menstrual cycle-related seizures, bone health, contraception and menopause.
  • Scientifically study alternative therapies to determine if some can help control seizures or improve functionality in people with epilepsy.
  • Help advance the development and use of seizure detection devices during sleep to help prevent seizure-related deaths.
  • Increase public awareness about epilepsy so that the community at large recognizes the signs of seizures and the issues people with epilepsy face.