Oliver Sacks, MD, FRCP

Professor of Neurology

Office Information:

Phone: (212) 633-8373

Dr. Sacks is professor of Neurology at NYU School of Medicine. He received his medical degree from Oxford (Queen's College) and interned in England, followed by residencies at Mount Zion Hospital in San Francisco and at UCLA. Dr. Sacks' research interests include disorders of perception, memory and consciousness, hallucination, encephalitis lethargica, migraine, Tourette's syndrome, Parkinson's disease and other neurological conditions. He has contributed to a number of medical journals, and is widely known as the author of such bestselling books as Awakenings, The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, and Musicophilia, in which he explores what it is like to live with various neurological conditions.

Medical Specialty:

General Adult Neurology

Medical Interests:

Disorders of Perception, Memory and Consciousness, Hallucination, Tourette's syndrome, Parkinson's disease


Medical Education:
University of Oxford, The Queen's College, BA in Physiology and Biology 1954
Middlesex Hospital, University College London, MA, BM, BCh 1958

Middlesex Hospital, London, (Medicine, Neurology) 1959
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, England (house surgeon) 1960
Mt. Zion Hospital, San Francisco, (rotating internship) 1961-1962

UCLA (Neurology, Neuropathology) 1962-1965

Clinical Fellowships:
Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY (Neuropathology, Neurochemistry) 1965-1966

Note: Dr. Sacks has a limited schedule and only accepts a limited number of referrals from other physicians at the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center.

NYU Langone Medical Center Welcomes Neurologist and Author Oliver Sacks, MD