FACES College Scholarship FAQs

1.    When is the FACES College Scholarship general timeline? The college scholarship generally opens in mid-March, is due in late May, and award recipients are notified in early June.

2.    What are the eligibility requirements?

a.    Applicant is a US citizen and/or a legal and permanent resident of the United States

b.    Lives with and encounters challenges from epilepsy or a seizure disorder

c.    Has financial need

d.    Must attend a United States higher education institution

e.    Will be an enrolled college student in the upcoming fall semester

3.    What documentation must be submitted in order to considered for a scholarship?

 a.    A full application with all parts completed

b.    An official high school or current college transcript

c.    A letter of recommendation from an academic reference

d.   A letter of recommendation from a certified medical practitioner involved in your medical care, confirming an epilepsy diagnosis or that the applicant experiences seizures.                

e.    A personal statement

4.    I don’t have epilepsy but a close family member does, can I be considered for a scholarship? No. Only applicants who have epilepsy or experience seizures will be considered.

5.    I don’t live in New York, can I be considered for a scholarship? Yes! Any incoming or current college student who has epilepsy attending a United States school can apply.

6.    My epileptologist does not practice at NYU Langone Health, can I still apply? Yes, you are still eligible.

7.    How do you determine the award amounts? The award amounts are based on the applicant’s financial need, community service, participation in epilepsy awareness programs, and how the applicant copes with epilepsy. GPA is not taken into consideration.

8.    What amounts do the scholarship awards range from? The scholarship awards range from $250 to no more than $5,000.

9.    My application and supplemental documents are postmarked by the due date but won’t arrive to the FACES office by the due date. Will I still be considered?  Maybe. If we receive your application and all documents before the notification date, we will do our best to review it. However, lateness will impact the award amount. If it comes after the notification date you will not be considered.

10. I was selected to receive a scholarship but haven’t received my check, who can I reach out to? Reach out to and a member of the FACES Team will assist you.