Male & Female Artist Diptych, by Cindy Sherman

  Untitled (Male/Female Artist), 1980/2012 by Cindy Sherman. This package contains 2 silver gelatin prints, 10x8 inches (paper size) and 9 1/4 x 6 1/8 inches (image size). EditionXof 150. Work is signed and editioned on the back. Courtesy of the artist and Metro Pictures, New York. Cindy Sherman has built a name as one of the most respected photographers of the late twentieth century. Although, the majority of her photographs are pictures of her, however, these photographs are most definitely not self-portraits. Rather, Sherman uses herself as a vehicle for commentary on a variety of issues of the modern world. Sherman achieved international success at a relatively young age, and her work has had a considerable maturation in value over the past decade.  

Value: $7,500


Starting Bid: $5,000


"UpWell, DownWell - Near Lake Tahoe 2010"

  "UpWell, DownWell - Near Lake Tahoe 2010" - by Allen Furbeck. Photo, pigmented inkjet print measuring 26"x26" framed.  

Value: $350


Starting Bid: $200


"Hollywood Sign" by Sean M. Flynn

  "Hollywood Sign" by Sean M. Flynn. Limited-edition photograph, hand-signed by the artist, and numbered 2/95. Custom framed.  

Value: $750


Starting Bid: $350


FACES Game Day Art Piece

  Acrylic on canvas painting of a fall scene in a park - created by very special artists: the patients, families, friends, doctors and staffers of the NYU Comprehensive Epilepsy Center and FACES!  Each of the 2x2 inchsmall canvas squares that create this one large piece, were painted by children and adults of the FACES community. Painting took place at the annual Game Day event in October 2013 for families, or in the office at the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center. Canvas measures 24x26". The work of FACES is no different from this painting—it needs the help of many different hands in order to reach its goal.  Every doctor, every patient, every bit of research, every dollar spent, every dollar raised, brings us one step closer to making life easier for our loved ones living with epilepsy and seizures.  We are all part of the answer; we are all part of the picture.   

Value: Priceless

Starting Bid: $500


Two signed etchings by famed artist "Chuck Close"


  Charles Thomas "Chuck"Close is an iconic American painter, photographer and printmaker who achieved international fame as a painter of photorealist through his massive-scale portraits of the human face.  His work remains highly sought after by museums and private art collections worldwide.  Two pencil signed and dated etchings titled "Manor" and "Jetty"   20" H x  24" W.  

Value: $5,000


Starting Bid: $2,000


Roy Lichtenstein - "Flash Gordon" - advertising poster produced in 1964


  Roy Lichenstein was a studious and shy boy who liked playing jazz and listening to Flash Gordon stories on the radio.  After attending Ohio State Univ. to study art- he entered the artworld in a huge way in the early 60's by producing oversized oil canvas based on comic book strips and advertising icons.  This fun off-set lithograph advertising poster titled "Flash" was a commercial venture.  It is one within a set of four that was produced by the artist to aid the United Book Guild in 1964.  Article referencing work on reverse of work.  40 x 60 inches  

Value: $1,850


Starting Bid: $800


Chinese Sang de Boeuf Flambe Glazed Porcelain Vase

  Sang-de-boeuf or ox blood glazes were used by the Chinese from the 11th century.  The masterful effect was achieved by using copper oxide as a coloring agent and firing the object in a reducing atmosphere.  Sometimes the glaze was often slightly streaked or included blue bleeds and waves with these features were prized by collectors in the 19th century.  24 inches height  

Value: $850


Starting Bid: $400


Eric Isenburger (1902-1994) Oil Painting

  Eric Isenburger was born in Frankfurt Germany in 1902.  He studied at the Frankfurt Art School.  Moving to Berlin in 1931 as it was an important center of contemporary art.  Due to the war, Isenburger and his famed dancer wife exiled to Stockholm and eventually the United States where he exhibited widely.  Works for this artist are in the Museum of Modern Art, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, De Young Museum and many more. 31" H  x 25" W  

Value: $3,500


Starting Bid: $1,000


Antique Map by Joseph Joly -1720- "Jerusalem"

  Ex collection - Christies.  This map dated 1720 stirred great controversy in not only the map world but also literary world.  The map while taken for legitimate in its day -it has since been categorized as an imaginary plan of ancient Jerusalem that was compiled by map maker Joly from histrocial writings and musings.  Showing Calvary outside walls and the Temple of Jerusalem within the walls.  Great debates over its correctness and legitmacy in the map world lasted for centuries.  Framed by Heydenryk House of Framers. 27" H x 26" W  

Value: $1,200


Starting Bid: $500


Daniel Weinstein "Google Images: New York City"

  On August 14, 1945, LIFE Magazine’s Alfred Eisenstaedt captured the spirit of joy in NYC following the war with his inspirational photo of a sailor kissing a nurse in Times Square.   Photographer August Loeffler stopped time by capturing a photo of the Flatiron building as it once was a towering giant over the NYC skyline.  Present day artist Daniel Weinstein uses iconic images of NYC immersed in hues of color to provide the viewer with a unique experience of the great and ever-changing New York City.  Measures 33.5x27"  

Value: $800


Starting Bid: $400


Denise Hearon "Red Flower"  2013

  An original monotype print from the artist's floral series is a treat of color and light.  Through the artist's unique method -  light seems to illuminnate  from within the center of the floral work providing the viewer with a unique experience.  

Value: $1,500


Starting Bid: $700