June 2012 E-Newsletter

New Epilepsy Tactic: Fight Inflammation

FACES physicians Dr. Orrin Devinsky and Dr. Jacqueline French were recently cited in a NY Times article written by Alastair Gee on a, "New Epilepsy Tactic: Fight Inflammation." Young William, a FACES friend, with refractory epilepsy is benefiting from treatment that targets inflammation, the result of recent research into how epilepsy damages the brain. Dr. Devinsky explains that, "Many of us theorize that the two are tied - inflammation causes seizures, and seizures cause inflammation... Over time, both of them may feed off each other."

Dr. French talks about a new trial she is leading which involves the the testing of a molecule called VX-765, the subject of Phase 2 trial involving 400 patients at NYU Langone Comprehensive Epilepsy Center. "Anti-inflammatory therapies could at least supplement, and perhaps replace anticonvulsants," said Dr. French.

Read "New Epilepsy Tactic: Fight Inflammation"


Video presentations from the 2012 FACES Epilepsy Conference are LIVE!

Visit the FACES site to view video presentations from May 6th, as well as download all the PowerPoint presentations from the Epilepsy Conference.


Epilepsy Therapy Pipeline | New Therapies in Development

"For a physician, there is nothing more tragic than a person severely affected by a disorder for which there is no good treatment available. In epilepsy, this is a daily experience," said Dr. Orrin Devinsky, Founder of FACES, and Co-Founder of ETP. "We need to advance new therapies that can reduce the severity, frequency, progressive nature, costs and fatalities associated with epilepsy and seizure conditions. ETP is unique in its focus on new therapies in development."

The new ETP pipeline is designed to track and provide timely updates on product advances as a resource for patients, physicians, philanthropists, investors and industry partners. The epilepsy pipeline identifies the most promising products from early-stage development to commercial-stage, and whether a product is currently available in the US or internationally.


Gabriel Szerda, RacingThePlanet: Jordan

Gabriel competed in the highly competitive ultra marathon, RacingThePlanet, where athletes take part in a unique footrace covering 155 miles (250 km) over seven days, in remote, rugged, and culturally rich desert locations around the world. Competitors must carry all of their own equipment and food, and are provided with only water and a place in a tent each day, but are supported by medical and operations teams. RacingThePlanet is a world class event which typically attracts competitors from over 35 nations.

This year's race took place in Jordan on May 13th, where Gabriel and 200 other athletes ran from Wadi Rum (Valley of the Moon) and finished in historical Petra.  Gabriel blogged every day from the event.Click here to view Gabriel's YouTube Video.

Through RacingThePlanet: Jordan, Gabriel continues to raise funds for FACES in honor of all those living with the daily challenges of epilepsy. To learn more about Gabriel's efforts and his goal to raise $25,000 for FACES, please click here>>


Calling all high school and college students!

FACES needs your help this summer!

Whether you have time weekly or a a couple free days this summer, please call Cynthia in the FACES office to see how we can put you to work!FACES needs help making calls, filing papers, as well as seeking out new and special prizes for the Gala Auction, and even helping out with our Facebook initiatives.

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