October 2012

OCTOBER 2012 FACES E-Newsletter                          

1.     Welcome Aboard, Pamela Mohr, Executive Director of FACES
2.     Roger Erickson, Auction Chair for 2013 FACES Gala
3.     Mothers Interviewed by Michelle Baker on SuccessCircuit: Julie Fournier and Karyn Colfer, mother of Glee actor, Chris Colfer
4.     The Story of a Race and Rescue
5.     Game Day Recap by Tim McGorry and Steven Tarr
6.     Pumpkin Spice Bread, a High Calorie, Low Carb Recipe

Pamela Mohr, Executive Director of FACES

Pamela first discovered her passion for philanthropy as an American Cancer Society (ACS) college intern and volunteer. She turned that passion into a career, working as the Director of Income Development for the American Cancer Society on Long Island - planning galas and recruiting for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk. After moving to Manhattan in 1996, Pamela worked as a Development Associate for the United Jewish Appeal Federation of New York, raising over $800,000 towards the organization's annual campaign. In 2005, Pamela returned to the American Cancer Society in Manhattan after spending five years at Ernst & Young as the Metro NY Area Event Manager, where she was responsible for the Entrepreneur of the Year program and all client events. Her responsibilities at ACS as Team Leader included overseeing a staff of four, managing a $300,000 golf event, two galas that now raise over $2M due to her leadership and serving as the point of contact for five Relay for Life Events that raise close to $500k. In 2006, Pamela created her own fundraiser targeting young professionals, "Taste of Hope." The event is now entering its 7th year and has raised over $800,000 since inception. 

Pamela was promoted to Division Director of Distinguished Events in 2008. Working with 21 regional vice presidents and over 30 event Directors, she oversees the American Cancer Society's golf and gala portfolio for New York and New Jersey. Combined, approximately 50 events raise close to $10M.   

One of her biggest achievements was from 2010-2011, when she was selected to serve as the Interim Vice President for the Manhattan region.  By reorganizing the staff of 28, Pamela hired 12 new employees and was able to successfully raise $1M over the previous year.  

Pamela lives in midtown Manhattan with her husband, Daniel Weinstein and is enthusiastic to join FACES as Executive Director.

Roger Erickson, Auction Chair of the FACES Gala

Roger Erickson, one of Manhattan's top producing brokers for over 20 years...

Roger and his wife, Irina, had twin daughters one of which, Nicole, was born with severe seizures. After initial ineffective treatments during which their daughter progressively got worse, Roger reached out to Orrin Devinsky. In total desperation, Roger called Orrin's office after reading about his successful treatment of epilepsy. Sitting on his kitchen floor, Roger was connected to Orrin while driving home. Orrin offered to see Nicky the next morning. And that was the start of her amazing recovery. Orrin suggested putting Nicky on a special Ketogenic diet and a new medicine. Literally just a few months later Nicky stopped having seizures, and hasn’t had one since. In short, nothing less than a miracle. 

Ours is one of countless experiences parents have shared with us. Orrin's dedication and perseverance to find a cure for epilepsy is beyond remarkable. And our family, like so many others, are eternally grateful to him.  

If you or your company would like to support Roger in his role as Auction Chair, please call Cynthia at 646-558-0826 or email  More information is also available online at
We are amidst planning for the 2013 FACES Gala and we are seeking high-end auction item donations,
with a minimum value of $250. Item donations may include event tickets, signed memorabilia, wine, sports items, fashion pieces, beauty packages, restaurant certificates, childrenswear or activities, jewelry, etc!! 


Michelle Baker of Captures an Inspiring Interview of Two Mothers: Julie Fournier and Karyn Colfer

Most of the information on the subject of Epilepsy appears to be quite clinical, I therefore decided to write a human interest point of view after hearing of the struggles that Hannah Colfer (sister of Glee actor Chris) had with epilepsy. I have long admired the strength of the Colfer family. When it was suggested to me that I interview Julie Fournier about her fundraising efforts for FACES I jumped at the opportunity. This interview does not just explain the effects of Epilepsy on the individual affected but on the family as a whole. There is a large stigma surrounding Epilepsy and it is about time that people were educated about it. It is time to give Epilepsy a voice and I hope that this interview will help in that understanding.

I first heard about Julie Fournier and her daughter Alicia’s fight against epilepsy from Karyn Colfer, whose daughter Hannah also struggles with epilepsy. This interview is primarily with Julie although it will be interjected with comments from Karyn (in italics). As I researched epilepsy to try and find out causes, possible cures and how it affects people’s lives, it dawned on me that there is not a lot of ‘real-life’ information out there. Yes, there are tons of research papers and doctor’s reports but very little information from sufferers themselves or from their families and support groups. This needs to change! The stigma that surrounds sufferers of epilepsy needs to change!  

The Story of a Race and Rescue – a local FACES friend

“Anthony Mammina is an exemplar who has demonstrated a level of class that cannot be coached - it purely comes from within.  From the perspective as his coach, Anthony has no limitations on him.” Coach Patrick Burke shares a recent story of one of his athlete’s who runs track and displays sportsmanship at its best.



Smiling Faces Fill the Chelsea Piers Field House at 2012 Game Day
Tim McGorry, Medical and Nutrition Reporter

Last month more than 450 guests, volunteers, doctors and other staff connected for a fun-filled day at the Field House at Chelsea Piers, a spacious indoor sports facility by New York City’s Hudson River Park. There, youths with epilepsy engaged together in many types of athletic activities, played in a gymnasium, had their faces painted, enjoyed carnival games, were treated to food and beverages, and were entertained by performers.

Among them were “Mighty Mike" Simmel, a member of the famous Harlem Wizards entertainment basketball team, who has had epilepsy since age two. The role model gathered youths in a circle, entertaining them with his basketball wizardry skills through performing ball-tossing tricks with them and shooting hoops. 

Dr. Blanca Vazquez noted,“The message of this event is that children with epilepsy should be doing activities. They need to have fun.” She added, “The sponsorship we receive from companies and FACES really says that the quality of life of people with epilepsy is important to us.”

Read more about the event, share your comments, and learn about the Dr. Blanca Vazquez Summer Camp Scholarship Program by visiting:

FACES Game Day gets Better and Better Through the Years!
Steven Tarr, volunteer

While attending FACES Game Day for the past five years has been a wonderful experience that I will never forget, volunteering this past year was even better. On September 22nd, I joined a number of terrific volunteers at this year’s Game Day and had a marvelous time. Supervising the Lollipop Game and giving out prizes was an experience I will never forget. Getting to see everyone who attended the event and watching their eyes light up in awe as they picked out their prize gave me an indescribable feeling that can only be put as, magical.                 
Continue reading at:



NUTRITION CORNER: High Calorie, Low Carb Pumpkin Spice Bread
Dietician Courtney Schnabel, MS, RD, CDN, with contributions by Dara Tannariello, volunteer

Although obesity and overweight are serious and growing health problems, not everyone needs to lose weight.  Some medications or illnesses make it difficult to gain weight or keep weight on.  Maintaining a healthy weight goes both ways – making sure you are not overweight or underweight. 

Being underweight can cause serious health problems such as decreased bone density, stunted growth, poor balance and overall poor health.  If you or your child needs to gain weight, chances are you have been looking for high calorie recipes.  Unfortunately most high calorie recipes are loaded with simple sugars or saturated fats, which are unhealthy sources of calories.  Here is a recipe that is high calorie, portable and packed with nutrients.  This spin on a fall classic is sure to help add extra calories to your menu in a healthy way.

With 175 calories per slice and 2 grams of fiber, this bread packs a healthy punch of calories without all the simple sugars of most high calorie snacks.  Pumpkin, almond flour and whole grain oats add to the nutrition value of this delicious bread.  Pumpkin is high in vitamin A – a powerful antioxidant that has disease-fighting properties.  Vitamin A is also well known for its role in eye health.  Whole grain oats and almond flour add fiber and heart healthy Omega-3 fats respectively.  Both fiber and Omega-3’s have roles in disease prevention and heart health. 

This recipe is also geared towards people trying to eat low carbohydrate. With only 5.5g of carb per slice, 5g protein and 14g of fat – this is a 1.5:1 recipe.

If you aren’t looking to eat low carb and need more calories, substitute the 2 cups of splenda for 1 cup of packed brown sugar, which will add an additional 50 calories per slice! For even more calories top with a tablespoon of heart healthy margarine, which will add another 100 calories!

Get the Pumpkin Spice Bread recipe here.