FACESforward 2015

Epilepsy is one of the world's most common neurological diseases, but it remains one of the least funded or recognized.

Private epilepsy research receives $4 per patient. Parkinson's receives $40 - $50.


Help us raise awareness of epilepsy and seizures by joining the FACESforward 2015 Campaign:

  • DONATE in honor of a friend, a doctor, or yourself.
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Click on each picture to read their Stories of Hope – articles written by our patients that will hopefully inspire and motivate you to participate in FACESforward2015.



With each new donation, we come one step closer to finding a cure


Our MISSION: To lessen the burden and improve the quality of life for all people affected by epilepsy.

Our VISION: A future where children and adults affected by epilepsy live normal, healthy lives.

Our DIRECTION: Forward strides through robust and aggressive programs in cutting-edge research, clinical care, education and awareness programs, and community building initiatives.

To view or download a copy of the FACESforward 2015 postcard, click HERE. (Document will open in a new window.)