Epilepsy Therapy Pipeline | New Therapies in Development

Epilepsy Therapy Project Launches First Comprehensive Epilepsy Pipeline as a Public Resource Identifying an Estimated 80 Product Candidates in Early- to Late-Stage Development

The Epilepsy Therapy Pipeline (ETP) launched a new and compregensive pipeline documenting projects from early- to late-stage develioment on its website epilepsy.com. The Epilepsy Therapy Pipeline has been created as a public resource to foster critical support for innovative new therapies. ETP has provided financial support and valuable expertise to more than 40 of the 80 active new therapy projects in the pipeline invluding therapeutic drugs, diologics, devices and other treatments ove the past decade since its formation.

"For a physician, there is nothing more tragic than a person severely affected by a disorder for which there is no good treatment available. In epilepsy, this is a daily experience," said Dr. Orrin Devinsky, Founder of FACES, and Co-Founder of ETP. "We need to advance new therapies that can reduce the severity, frequency, progressive nature, costs and fatalities associated with epilepsy and seizure conditions. ETP is unique in its focus on new therapies in development."

The new ETP is designed to track and provide timely updates on product advances as a resource for patients, physicians, philanthropists, investors and industry partners. The epilepsy pipeline identifies the most promising products from early-stage development to commercial-stage, and whether a product is currently available in the US or internationally. All products are categorized as follows:

  • Drugs
  • Enhanced Drug Delivery
  • Therapeutic Devices
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Seizure Detection and Prediction
  • Epilepsy Diagnostics
  • Newly Approved and Available for Patients
  • Dormant Projects