"In Canada, Parents Vow To Give Their Sick Children Medical Marijuana — Even If Doctors Won’t" article on

Tue, 2015-07-21 (All day)

For years, Sarah Wilkinson woke up every day wondering if it would be her daughter's last.

When she was a baby, Mia was diagnosed with a form of epilepsy that caused her to suffer waves of intense seizures — sometimes up to 100 episodes in one day.

To make matters worse, the dozens of pills Mia's doctor had prescribed for her condition weren't working and she was miserable all the time.

"She sometimes had seizures that would last up to 23 hours and she would have to be put into a medically-induced coma," recalls Wilkinson, who lives with her family outside of Calgary, Alberta. "And whenever she would have a big seizure, my two sons would start panicking because she would be turning blue."

That all changed two years ago, when Wilkinson found a doctor at the Alberta Children's Hospital who agreed to sign off on a medical marijuana prescription for Mia. In Canada, it's doctors who are the gatekeepers for this treatment, even though marijuana is not recognized by the federal government as a valid medicine.


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