Seizures: When 'electrical brainstorm' Hits

Tue, 2012-06-19 14:29

Dr. Orrin Devinsky's take on "Seizures: When 'electrical brainstorm' Hits":

"For so many individuals with epilepsy, there is a tightrope to walk on how much to tell people and when to tell.  As a doctor and advocate, it is easy for me to counsel patients and families to be open about epilepsy, that others will read your emotions.  If you are comfortable with epilepsy as just 'a disorder' and can discuss it as something you have but that doesn't define you - then others will be comfortable too.  If you fear epilepsy, the world will fear epilepsy and you.  And this maxim is true most of the time.  But not always.  The most qualified, confident, and honest people with epilepsy are often victims of discrimination.  It is an enormous individual price for erasing stigma."

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