Pill Swallowing

By Jennifer, mother

My daughter, Nora, struggled with learning how to swallow pills. I tried everything – pill swallow aids/gels, pill swallow cups, hiding it in yogurt, applesauce – everything. Medication time became a frustrating experience for all of us. I researched pill swallowing training – which can be done by a psychologist – although this was an expensive option. I found this web video, which teaches kids some simple techniques to swallow pills. Since it was free, I figured I would give it a try before spending a lot of money. We watched the instructional video, printed out the homework and followed the simple instructions.

Nora slowly graduated from Nerds to M&M Mini’s to Tic Tacs. Within 10 days, she mastered it. She now likes to swallow two big capsules at a time – just to show off! Teaching her to swallow pills has dramatically improved our quality of life with epilepsy.

Pill Swallowing Instructional Video