Gabriel Szerda

RacingThePlanet: Jordan

Gabriel Szerda placed 4th overall (up three spots from the last RacingThePlanet event!!) in yet another effort that people told him was impossible: for a second time!

Gabriel competed in the highly competitive ultra marathon, RacingThePlanet, where athletes take part in a unique footrace covering 155 miles (250 km) over seven days, in remote, rugged, and culturally rich desert locations around the world. Competitors must carry all of their own equipment and food, and are provided with only water and a place in a tent each day, but are supported by medical and operations teams. RacingThePlanet is a world class event which typically attracts competitors from over 35 nations.

This year's race took place in Jordan on May 13th, where Gabriel and 200 other athletes ran from Wadi Rum (Valley of the Moon) and finished in historical Petra. (Visit Gabriel's blog by clicking here.)

"You know how you watch TV, see something and say, 'I would never want to do that?'" Gabriel starts. "I want to be that person you are watching on TV when you say that."

"When I first mentioned that I would complete a RacingThePlanet event, people thought I was 'crazy' and that it would be an 'impossible task'. Well, after month-and-months of training, (and losing over 30 pounds of bodyweight), I went to Australia (2010) and completed my first RacingThePlanet event where I finished 7th of an overall 200 athletes. Now, I'm back at it and need your support! I am trying to prove that I can do it again, taking on the soft sands of the Jordanian desert. I am hoping that you can join me in my ambitious goal of raising at least $250,000 ($1,000 per kilometer) in support of FACES - while proving that anything is possible."

Make a gift here today in support of Gabriel!

In pledging their support for Gabriel's efforts, The Macquarie Group Foundation has graciously agreed to match up to $25,000 in donations received by FACES (in support of Gabriel Szerda) for the RacingThePlanet ultra marathon!