Jason Goldstein, NYC Marathon

On November 5th, 2011, Jason Goldsten ran his third ING NYC Marathon to raise money for FACES in honor of his daughter. His efforts continue to support improvements in the quality of life for all those affected by epilepsy through clinical care, education and research. The following is an excerpt from his letter to family and friends requesting their sponsorship:

"On November 6th, I plan to run yet another NYC Marathon - 26.2 miles all around the five boroughs, ending in Central Park. This training, this intense physical and emotional experience however, cannot match my daughter Julianna's daily struggles with epilepsy.

Friends have cautioned [my family] not to think of Julianna's care in terms of a sprint but rather a marathon. However, while my marathon will be over in a matter of hours, Julianna's will continue. In an effort to link my athletic challenge with Julianna's daily struggle, I request that you make a generous donation to FACES in support of conquering 26.2 miles (for me), and epilepsy (for Julianna and countless others.)"

His fundraising efforts have been a great success and Jason has raised over $30,000 for FACES! Thank you to Jason Goldstein for his incredible hard work and for everyone's generous donations and continued support.