Epilepsy Study Consortium

The Epilepsy Study Consortium is a collaboration among scientific investigators and clinical trial sites at academic medical research centers across the United States. The consortium is the largest such collaboration in the country. Members of the consortium, led by investigators at NYU, design and conduct important multicenter clinical trials that explore new drugs and devices as well as other aspects of epilepsy care and treatment response.

They also continually work to improve and refine clinical trial methodology to ensure that trials conducted inside and outside the consortium have the greatest chance to succeed, thereby ensuring new therapies will be available to people with epilepsy. The consortium has been involved in the trials of almost every new drug that has been approved or has been under development in the last 2 decades. Members of the consortium also work with the Food and Drug Association (FDA) to create new regulatory pathways to drug approval, and convene meetings to discuss roadblocks in drug development.