Donate or Fundraise

DonateFACES has achieved a high level of success in the past years; success made possible through valuable donations, fundraising efforts and contributions. Without the support of doctors, families and friends, FACES could not have raised $8.2 million from the past two galas. FACES could not offer its annual Epilepsy Conference to increase awareness or Game Day, engaging patients and caregivers in fun, hands-on experiences to promote self-expression and boost self-confidence. Get started today and donate, be it a direct contribution or fundraising effort, and become a part of helping FACES to make a lasting impact.

With your help, together, we can:

  • Advance the care and quality of life for all persons with epilepsy
  • Develop methods to measure quality of life in children with epilepsy
  • Study immunologic changes that may be associated with seizures
  • Study the complex fabric of social and emotional changes in all persons with epilepsy
  • Create support networks for children and their parents, including those children with unusual forms and difficult-to-treat ases of epilepsy

How you can help:

  • Make a donation online
  • Like FACES on Facebook
  • Promote our FACESforward campaign
  • Call/email our office and learn how you too can fundraise for FACES, without a penny from your pocket. (646) 558-0800