If you are interested in any volunteer opportunities at FACES, please send an e-mail to FACESinfo@nyumc.org, or call (646) 558-0900. Below is a list of volunteer roles and descriptions:


FACES sponsors many annual events such as the Gala, Game Day and the Epilepsy Conference. Each event requires various responsibilities but mainly we are looking for volunteers to help with check in at Game Day and at the Conference as well as general support before and during each event. The Gala’s Silent Auction requires volunteer help for set up and check out as well as supervising specific sections of the Auction during bidding.

Create your own Small Scale Fundraiser

You too can fundraise for FACES! Help us organize a small fundraiser in your neighborhood. If you have an idea for a fundraiser, email FACESinfo@nyumc.org today.

Help with the FACES Newsletter

The FACES Newsletter is back - now in both print and online editions - and we need your ideas and creativity. If you love to write or have ideas for a story please let us know and we can work with you to get your ideas in print. Also, if you have experience in publishing or graphic design, we can always use help to layout and format the publication.

Office Work

The FACES office needs your help! We can always use help filing, answering phones, and inputting data.