Peace of Mind Lecture Series

In support of the mission of FACES to improve the quality of life for those living with epilepsy and seizures, the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center offers a series of free lectures to the public to help educate patients and family members. Lectures are provided by doctors and other professionals affiliated with the CEC. All lectures are free, and anyone is welcome to attend the Peace of Mind lectures. If you wish to attend a lecture, please register online or call the FACES office. Registration for lectures will be available online once details for the lecture have been finalized. Online registration is currently available only for the upcoming lecture.

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Pills & Your Brain: How they get there, How they work and How they are cleared

September 16, 2015This lecture will discuss the way medications are absorbed into the blood, the brain and how they act in the neurons.  Then will explain the mechanisms in which medications are inactivated and removed from our bodies.  Medication interactions and how our genes dictate medication processing will be explained.


Growing Healthy Eaters:

What you need to know about Epilepsy and Nutrition May 19, 2015: The goal of this talk is to explain, with regard to epilepsy, what foods and how much of them kids need. Specific nutrients associated with epilepsy will be highlighted. Practical tips for parents will be discussed, including how to get your kids to want to eat the foods they need.



Recent Advances in the Genetics of Epilepsy: the Present and the Future

March 31, 2015: The goal of this talk is to provide a review of the genetics of epilepsy and the impact on clinical practice.



Mind over Matter

January 28, 2015: The goal of this talk is to provide a description of the nature and purpose of neuropsychological evaluations and how they contribute to the treatment of epilepsy. Dr. Barr will demonstrate the process by which neuropsychologists utilize results from testing to carefully analyzing attention, memory, and other skills and provide recommendations for their improvement.


2014 Lectures


Cannabidiol for the Treatment of Epilepsy

December 2, 2014: There have been reports that extracts rich in cannabidiol (CBD), the major non-psychoactive cannabiniod in marijuana, has improved seizures in some children with severe epilepsy. Dr. Friedman provides a review of the current knowledge about the efficacy of CBD, drug interactions and observed and potential side effects. He also discusses other cannabinoids that are being studied for the treatment of epilepsy.

2013 Lectures


2012 Highlight: Dr. Howard Weiner provides some Peace of Mind

January 23, 2012: Dr. Howard Weiner, Professor of Pediatric Neurosurgery at NYULMC and expert in Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery, presented an overview presentation for parents and caregivers who may be considering brain surgery for their child. Also, a family that recently went through brain surgery for their child under Dr. Weiner’s care shared their experiences on various aspects of the process from a parent/caretaker’s point of view.

Please view Dr. Weiner's presentation below: